How the Tour Works:

Tour the Town was created by a team of volunteers dedicated to promoting the arts, fine dining and entertainment in historic downtown Fond du Lac, but the gallery walk would not be possible without the efforts of everyone involved. Please use the following list of responsibilities and tips as a guideline to help facilitate your next gallery walk showing.

Committee Responsibilities:
  1. Create and update the Tour the Town website
  2. Create tour map and make it available in pdf printable format from website
  3. Maintain a list of artist and venues
  4. Design posters and make them available to print from website
  5. Post news and events on Facebook page
Venue Responsibilities:
  1. Register online with user name and password (this only needs to be once)
  2. Sign-up for each art walk with name and/or description of artist/event. You can either use the submission form found on the Resources Page or contact us by email:
  3. Promote upcoming featured art walk artist via
    1. E-blast newsletters to clients
    2. Print promotional material provided on website (downloadable files)
    3. Maps
    4. Posters
  4. Make display arrangements with selected artist (recommend meeting with artist prior to night of art walk)
  5. Discuss refreshment options with the artist (note: refreshments are optional)
  6. Work with artists appropriate for your business
  7. Must remain open during the Art Walk hours
Artist Responsibilities:
  1. NEW artist to the Tour the Town art walk submit artist information to
  2. Communicate with businesses that would like to show your work. You can find a list of participating businesses on our Venues Page. (final decision is up to the venue)
  3. Discuss exhibit needs with venue
  4. Set up/take down artwork and/or equipment
  5. Arrange refreshments with venue (refreshments are optional)
  6. During the night of the art walk it is important for the artist to engage with the public, introduce yourself and tell them what you do
  7. Artist must be present for the art walk duration
  8. Make sure all artwork is labeled even if it is not for sale tag should read NFS
Tips for Success:
  1. Greet folks that come into your establishment and let them know who your guest is for the Art Walk
  2. After art walk artist should leave cards and/or contact info with venue clients may return at a later date and inquire about guest artist
  3. Refreshments, although optional, will attract more attendees. Alcoholic beverages are not recommended due to liabilities and local ordinances
  4. Promote yourself! (both artist and venues) use social media Tour the Town Art Walk is on facebook and each new art walk is created as an event use this tool to invite friends and customers
  5. DFP businesses make sure you add your featured artist to the DFP calendar on their website!
  6. Create press releases and submit in a timely manner to papers & radio stations
  7. LABEL artwork even if it is not for sale have label read NFS.
  8. Signage outside your business showing you are part of the art walk. Balloons work great, sidewalk tents be creative this IS an Art Walk
  9. It is important for artist and venue to meet ahead of the art walk to discuss space and set up time needed for exhibit.
  10. Communication between artist, venue and committee is vital to the success of future art walks.